Knight Arts Challenge Finalist

We’re proud to be one of the 73 finalists for the Knight Arts Challenge, which is a South Florida-based initiative to draw the best and most innovative ideas out of local organizations and individuals seeking to transform the community through the arts. The orchestra boot camp was submitted for consideration where students receive an 8-hour intensive classical music training at no cost during Miami-Dade County’s Teacher Planning Days.

The program is offered to musicians mostly from low-income and migrant areas. The goal is to inspire students to take risks, work hard, and push their limits in order to achieve greatness. Our partnership with Miami-Dade County Public Schools will allow us to operate in classroom spaces in a selected school and transportation will be provided. Our award will be used for approximately 100 students, 15 peer mentors, and 10 Teaching Artists. We’re honored to be among others dedicating their love to the arts. Winners will be announced November 30, 2015.