Our Team


Teaching Artists

Miami Music Project is proud to engage and support local musicians and educators who call South Florida home.

Charles Abrams
Michael Andrews
Israel Aragon
Jose Arvelo
Sarah Bates-Kennard
Carlos Bianculli
David Bien-Aíme
Patrick Broder
Andres Candamil
David Cardona
Brent Charran
Carlos Cifuentes
Alexandra D’Amico
Sofia Da Silva
Ross Debardelaban
Zachary Dierickx

James Drayton
Cristian Escobar
Ernesto Fernandez
Mabel Garcia
Karla Geraci
Jesse Gilday
Ricardo Gonzalez-Lewis
Steven Goralnick
Sercan Gündoğdu
Gabriel Gutierrez
Kendra Hawley
Valentina Hernandez
Stephanie Jaimes
Rufus Jones
Monika Lambe
William Locke

Ariele Macandangdang
Alexander Magalong
Casey Maltese
Demian Martinez
Sarahi Matheuz
Jose Montes
Evgenia Mott
Ari Nemser
Giancarlo Ortiz
Daniela Padron
Miguel Pagua
Ivan Parra
Juan Carlos Peña
Felix Petit
Rosa Pimentel
Nicolas Real

Daniel Rivera
Patricia Rodriguez
Ulises Rodriguez
Jose Ruiz
Robyn Savitzky
Xiomara Sepulveda
Matt Shefcik
Olivia Smith
Jose David Torres
Genny Triana
Leonel Viera
Jean Vilpin
Karlyn Vina
Tom Witek
Steffen Zeichner

Instruments Of Excellence

“We had given up any hope that our children would ever be able to learn to play an instrument because our money had to be allocated to our basic necessities. Thanks to Miami Music Project, seven of our children have now been the recipients of years of dedication and skilled training by Teaching Artists.
Gisla, proud mother of 9 children,
7 of whom are Miami Music Project students