Teaching Artist Training Institute


  • Founded by a generous grant from the Paul M. Angell Family Foundation, the Teaching Artists Training Institute (TATI) was launched in 2020 and continues to be powered by Miami Music Project.
  • The Teaching Artists Training Institute (TATI) believes that transformational music education starts with transformational training for teachers.
  • Equips Teaching Artists of El Sistema-inspired and community music programs with the tools and skills needed to improve their teaching practice.
  • Through reflection, dialogue, observation and feedback, teachers learn to be their own best coach and critic.

Vision and Goals

A workforce of Teaching Artists throughout the United States that bring the highest level of musical excellence to the classrooms where they teach, demonstrating an equally strong commitment and drive to learning, and refining their pedagogical and teaching craft for the betterment of their students.

TATI seeks to provide music Teaching Artists (TAs) with the skills and knowledge necessary to increase their effectiveness in the classroom and develop a growth mindset to improve their mastery of teaching.

The TATI structure and curriculum is designed to ensure TAs can think critically about the preparation needed to work with students (the what), the execution of this work in the classroom (the how), and the reflection each teacher must do to continue improving their practice, their students’ learning, and benefit the greater “social change through music” movement.

Lab Cohort Program

The Lab Cohort program is the signature training program of the Teaching Artists Training Institute (TATI) and follows the TATI motto of “prepare, do, reflect”.
  • Over the course of nine sessions, cohort members learn from expert clinicians via synchronous Zoom sessions on topics ranging from classroom management to culturally relevant pedagogy.
  • Cohort members are asked to incorporate the newly learned elements into their teaching and then reconvene in small Lab discussion sections to discuss and reflect on the skills and concepts.

Regional Practicums

  • Regional Practicums offer fully-funded professional development opportunities for Teaching Artists within a selected El Sistema-inspired or community music program.
  • Participants gain new skills and tools from guest Teaching Artists from the same region that directly support the continued growth of their teaching practice.
  • The Teaching Artists hear from expert clinicians, reflect together through collaborative conversations, observe teaching artistry in real-time, and build a network of peer Teaching Artists.
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