Introducing Miami Music ProjectCONNECT

Miami Music ProjectCONNECT, a new virtual music education initiative spearheaded as a response to closures of schools and stay-at-home orders.

The program provides Miami’s underserved youth with impactful musical experiences during times of crisis, teaching them harmony literally and figuratively through building their skills and confidence needed for success in life.

With the continued support of our donors and our community, we can continue to invest in Miami’s youth and their future, providing them with hope and the tools needed for success. Together, even during times like these, we can show that Miami isn’t just a city, but a community and a family. Even when we’re isolated, we are still connected through the social transformation that music brings.

From their homes and communities to yours,
here is how we are serving our students and their families during this unprecedented time in our history.

Meeting them where they are… online!

A little over two weeks ago, we took on the challenge of converting our entire after-school program to a virtual, multi-site, online learning hub. All of this is to ensure our students can continue learning and becoming instruments of change for themselves, their families, and their communities.

Last week alone, 235 students logged in, with each student averaging 6 hours of instruction across five online learning hubs, totaling close to 240 individual and group classes!

Giving them tools needed to succeed!

When the schools suddenly closed in the immediate wake of the pandemic, many of our students did not have a chance to take their instruments home. We’ve worked with the schools’ administration to organize instrument distribution in each program location so that the learning can continue. And when pick up by a family was not possible, we delivered with love too!

Having a team committed to serving!

Our programming staff has been going above and beyond, lending a helping hand in our communities, and making sure our students are able to engage in their virtual music learning.

Serving those with the fewest resources and greatest need is our mission. We are honored to be able to continue to do that for hundreds of our families daily.

Family Spotlight

Kimberley Muhammad with her daughter Saniyyah (left) and son Saleem (right)

“This has been a very trying time for my family. I am also a teacher and am trying to keep my students on track remotely, as well as taking care of my own children and, beyond education, keeping everyone emotionally well and encouraged.

Since this pandemic started with the cancelling of my kids’ concerts and several other activities, we were all feeling down and unsure of the future. It has been difficult for them socially because they already attended a small school, and Miami Music Project is a big outlet for them socially as well as musically.

Thank you all so much for starting the online program! It has added the social and emotional connection back to their lives. Being able to see their friends helps them to know that they are not alone and can look forward to a bright future on the other side of this!”