How Miami Music Project went VIRTUAL to continue Composing Better Lives in the wake of COVID-19

Children learning string instruments on Zoom with Miami Music Project

During this time when the entire world is experiencing unique and unprecedented challenges due to the spread of COVID-19, Miami Music Project mobilized to ensure our students, families, Teaching Artists, and staff are all supported. We remain committed to perpetuating the transformative power of music in whatever ways we can.

The Board of Trustees elected Pia Leon and Daniel Mazanec as Board Chair and Vice-Chair respectively. The board then formed three special committees tasked with making informed decisions on the three areas most affected by the virus: our programming, finances, and fundraising.

“During this unprecedented time of social isolation, the work of Miami Music Project is more vital than ever in bringing connection and community to our students and their families.” – Daniel Mazanec, Vice-chairman of Miami Music Project

The Board then made bold, urgent decisions to ensure the mission of Miami Music Project remains the foremost priority, including:

  • Establishing Miami Music ProjectConnect, reinventing the methodology and making it applicable to virtual learning,
  • Ensuring that each student receives up to 8 hours of online music learning per week through individual and group classes,
  • Compensating our Teaching Artists and support program staff for the classes suspended in the immediate wake of the pandemic, because we believe our most valuable asset is and always will be people,
  • Committing to the entire full-time and part time staff that their jobs are secure during the time of crisis.


After COVID-19 hit, Miami Music ProjectConnect was launched. As a fully realized virtual program, it provides over 300 classes collectively each week:

  • 22 Large Group Music Lessons
  • 186 String & Woodwind/Brass Sectionals
  • Rhythm/Percussion Sectionals
  • Choir/Melody Study
  • Music Theory

Every student receives up to 8 hours of online music teaching, lessons, and support per week. While no substitute for the power and impact of face-to-face music learning, this provides an immediate resource to children with necessary programming to help them continue to grow musically, academically, and emotionally.

Immediately after the school closures were announced, our dedicated programming staff turned their efforts towards supporting the health and well-being of the communities we serve by:

  • Providing and delivering supplies to the families in need,
  • Making sure technology requirements are provided and functional to the families we serve so they can effectively access and engage in online schoolwork,
  • Volunteering to distribute free meals to members of their communities,
  • Connecting families with health and nutrition resources and other essential providers, and
    Staying in touch and connecting with our students and their families daily.
  • Miami Music Project has remained an important cultural anchor for the Miami community, providing concerts and events held free via Facebook Live since the pandemic.

Take a look at Miami Music ProjectConnect in action Summer 2020!