Our Program Model

Why Music?

Our Program Model

Miami Music Project establishes chapters in neighborhoods throughout Miami where children are provided music education in line with key El Sistema concepts. As a result, a network of orchestras are formed. Concerts and performances connect our chapters to the community at large, breaking such barriers as socioeconomic status, culture, language, age and creed. We strongly believe that in making music accessible to all children, real social change happens.

Instruction & Performance

Young children are introduced to various musical instruments while they learn musical expression through movement and rhythm exercises. Once they choose their favorite symphonic instrument they are able to learn to play within an ensemble setting. Groups encourage a lot of learning as students are empowered by their teachers to act as mentors to their peers. Performances also serve as a teaching tool at all levels in order to get students accustomed to performing concert without anxiety.

Curriculum & Music

Our program curriculum and musical selections represent the flexibility needed to keep students engaged in fun activities while seamlessly moving them through tough concepts and techniques. Folk and modern music repertoire provide students with a meaningful musical experience to which they can relate.

Family & Community

We view children as active participants in society who have the power to positively affect their surrounding, starting from within themselves, then their families and the community at large. Our Teaching Artists ensure children are nurtured as individuals and musicians at the same time. We also reach out to parents to help them understand the importance of supporting their child’s learning and the commitment needed to make their child’s futures bright with music.