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The Miami Music Project Children’s Orchestra program is inspired by the El Sistema philosophy. The program’s commitment to excellence in music education and social development empowers children to achieve their full potential. Music education is accomplished through orchestral participation from the outset, group lessons, and peer teaching. A strong passion for music, teamwork and a shared commitment to the joy and fun of music making are results of participation in the program.

Program start dates for 2017-2018 is as follows:
August 21, 2017 – Liberty City Chapter
September 5, 2017 – Little Havana, Little Haiti, and Miami Springs Chapters

How to Participate

Participation is easy. Program information and application is available ONLINE.

Levels Offered:

Prelude: 0-1 year experience
Debut: Approx. 1-3 years experience
Intermezzo: Approx. 2-5 year experience
Sinfonia: Approx. 3-6 years experience
Leaders*: 4 + years experience

*Entrance by placement audition


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What are the requirements for my child to join one of the Miami Music Project Children’s Orchestra?

Students may apply to the program one of two ways:
(1) Students without experience in 1st to 5th grade.
(2) Students with instrumental experience must qualify for participation with an audition. (Strings, brass, and winds.)

How much does it cost?

Participation in the program is FREE of charge. Musical instruments are provided free of charge if the family cannot afford one. There is an annual one-time registration fee of $250.00 – waived for all children that qualify for free or reduced lunch with the Miami-Dade County Public Schools.

Which chapter location is best for my child?

Choose the one closest to you, however, keep in mind that the Doral, Liberty City, and Little Haiti chapters are for beginners in the program and the Little Havana chapter is for advanced students. If your child is a beginner, eventually, as she/he advances in the program, he/she will attend the Little Havana chapter.

Is transportation provided?

Transportation to attend regular classes at the Little Haiti, Liberty City, Miami Springs chapters is not provided, however, transportation to the Little Havana chapter is provided from Little Haiti and Miami Springs chapter locations. Program participants will also be provided with transportation to concerts and special events, depending on the need.

What happens after I fill out the application for my child?

After submitting the program application, your child will be added to our list of PROSPECTIVE participants. You will then be invited to attend a parent orientation based on chapter availability in the fall. You must attend orientation in order for your child to become a program participant.